Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus (2016-2021)
  • Human-Computer Interaction (B.Sc.)
  • Internet Technologies (B.Sc.)
  • Databases (B.Sc.)
  • Data Structures and Algorithms for Engineers (with C) (B.Sc.)
  • Introduction to Programming for Engineers (with C) (B.Sc.)
  • Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving (with Python) (B.Sc.)
  • Explorations into Computer Science (B.Sc.)
  • Introduction to Computer Science (B.Sc.)
Adjunct Lecturer at the Open University of Cyprus (2019-2021)
  • Adaptive and Interactive Systems (M.Sc.), Coordinator and Tutor


Ph.D. Thesis Advising
  • Argyris Constantinides: From Hot-spots Towards Experience-spots: Leveraging on Users' Sociocultural Experiences to Enhance Security in Cued-recall Graphical Authentication – Expected Dec. 2021
B.Sc. Thesis Advising
  • Christodoulos Constantinides: On Flexible and Intelligent User Authentication Schemes, B.Sc. – Completed: Jan. 2021
  • Loizos Shakallis: The Role of Human Emotions and EEG in User Authentication, B.Sc. – Completed: Jan. 2021
  • Nikos Papadouris: On the Effects of Hot and Cold Cognition in Persuasive Technologies, B.Sc. – Completed: Dec. 2019
  • George Hadjidemetriou: Picture Passwords in Mixed Reality: Implementation and Evaluation, B.Sc. – Completed: June 2019
  • Eleni Katsi: Effects of Human Cognition on Picture Passwords in Smartwatches, B.Sc. - Completed: June 2019
  • Pantelitsa Leonidou: Investigating the Effects of Image Content in Image-recognition CAPTCHA - B.Sc. – Completed: June 2019
  • Mariana Mina: Human Cognitive Differences in E-Learning Environments, B.Sc. – Completed: June 2019
  • Andreas Costi: Real-time Analysis and Visualization of Wearable Eye Tracking Data, B.Sc. - Completed: June 2018
  • Kyriaki Theocharous: Incorporating Hot and Cold Cognition in Persuasive Technologies, B.Sc. – Expected: June 2018
  • Georgia Kalli: Modeling Human Emotions based on Wearable Sensor Data, B.Sc. - Completed: June 2017
  • Florentia Koronellou: A Management Tool for Defining Dynamic Rules for Adaptation and Personalization, B.Sc. - Completed: June 2016
  • George Kakoullis: Human Factors and Behaviour in Social Networks, B.Sc. - Completed: June 2015
  • Andreas Hadjidemetris: Implicit User Modelling of Users’ Cognitive Factors based on Web Navigation Behaviour, B.Sc. - Completed: June 2014
  • Argyris Constantinides: Adapting Generic Web Environments – The case of PersonaWeb, B.Sc. - Completed: June 2014
  • Marios Constantinides: Semantic Web Content Development Tool for Adaptive and Personalization Systems, B.Sc. - Completed: June 2012

Last Update: 24 March 2021